Image paths in Hugo/blogdown

Images from R are instantly included into (R) markdown files, and the same applies for blogdown posts.


x <- 1:10

However, for external images - such as photos - things are more complicated. First, all is still fine, if an image is found on some URL/server on the internet:


Of course, one can apply direct markdown syntax for including external images:


Now assume we are in an R project that gives the base for a blogdown blog. Next, assume this is the relative path to the image:

img_path <- "/images/textmining/tidytext-crop.png"

Note the leading slash - without the slash it will not work.

This folder itself is found under static in the project root, within blogdown folder.

BTW, the project root can be found like this:

#> [1] "/Users/sebastiansaueruser/Documents/Publikationen/blog_ses/data_se"

Now, let’s try to plot it using the following code:

![tidytext example](/post/2018-11-28-image-paths-in-hugo-blogdown_files/tidytext-crop.png){width=20%}

Note that we reduce the width of the image to 20%.

tidytext example

tidytext example

There’s a nice addin to RStudio which helps inserting external images, it’s called insert image add in. Very useful.

Now, let’s try the path as defines by img_path to render the image again:


Worked out 🎉!