Bibtex entry type for conference talks suitable for APA

I’ ve wondered how to best cite a talk given at a conference that is not “really” published in the sense that there’s no ISBN or similar identifier

One can argue that it is not worth citing a non-identifiable source - I agree with that basically. However, for some reasons it maybe helpful to cite anyway. For example, one may have to document the talks being given.

For that purpose, I found this bibtex entry type helpful:

  location = {{Chapel Hill, NC}},
  title = {The Development of Computer-Assisted Reporting},
  url = {},
  timestamp = {2017-02-09T13:50:28Z},
  langid = {english},
  type = {Paper},
  howpublished = {Paper},
  eventtitle = {Conference of the {{Newspaper Division}}, {{Association}} for {{Education}} in {{Journalism}} and {{Mass Communication}} ({{AEJMC}})},
  author = {Cox, Melisma},
  date = {2000-03},

It will render in this way:

Cox, M. (2000, March). The development of computer-assisted reporting. Paper presented at the Conference of the Newspaper Division, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), Chapel Hill, NC: Paper. Retrieved from

It’s not perfect but is’s a start.