Some intriguing psychology papers (open access)

This post presents a compilation of links to psychology papers; I have chosen papers I find intriguing particularly for working in class. All papers are open access (or a from open access repositories) which renders classroom work easier. The papers are collected from a broad range of topics but mostly with focus on general interest. The perspective is an applied one; I have not tried to select based on methodological rigor. The collection is structured along the well-known classification of psychological work: social, personality, cognitive. I have added ‘social media/ psychoinformatics’ as this reflects a topic I am quite interested in.

I am unsure about compilations of ‘must read’ psych articles, but I have found some. Such sites may provide a more succinct and broader perspective on much read or influential or interesting or high-qualitative science papers. Here’s a short list:

Social psychology

Personality/ Individual differences

Cognitive psychology

Social media/ psychoinformatics